truth nugget #17

all manners of society function on this same premise: that if a woman who is raped is dressed scantily, she must have deserved it. this is somehow still prevalent today. I can’t stand it. it’s obviously NOT TRUE. history and the passing down of ignorance has made society so flawed that it has forgotten the basic fact that every human being has a right to their personal space. THIS is the TRUTH: if I decided to walk out in the street butt naked, with nothing but a pair of beautiful stilettos on, that does NOT mean I am inviting anyone to touch me. and anyone who thinks they have some entitled right to, will get my stiletto in their throat.

NB. having said that, let’s all of us be responsible for ourselves and make sure we are in control and lucid and can take care of ourselves and keep ourselves safe. there will always be people who will justify doing bad things, let’s not help them do it. parents, educate your kids on the importance of self-control and respect.

truth nugget #17

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