it’s truth nugget #20!

it’s my 20th truth nugget and I’d like to start off first of all by thanking all of you who have read/will read my little blog and who have followed/will follow it. THANK YOU.

just like forgiveness, gratitude is so amazing because it never is solely for the person you are grateful for. it’s for you too. gratitude grounds us and helps us remember, even on our darkest days, that we have things to be thankful for. I will expound on this in another nugget. but for today, I’m thankful, and I urge you to be too.

today I’m especially thankful for my sisters, who are the coolest girls I know, for my Mummy who loves and trusts me unconditionally. for my Godma, whose second interview for a job she wants went really well. for my awesome IPL therapist in Holland Village, whose name is Zhi Hui and is the sweetest and most hardworking beauty therapist ever. for my music colleagues in Singapore, who keep pushing boundaries in a scene that is constantly threatened by stereotypes.

close your eyes and think about what you’re thankful for today, smile, and enjoy it. =)

it’s truth nugget #20!

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