truth nugget #21 (Earth Hour)

there’s lots of conflicting and discrepant information about the trend of recorded global temperatures and whether global warming is something to be taken seriously or not, but really, the ice caps don’t lie.

I don’t know if you participated in Earth Hour yesterday. but as you know, conserving energy can be done any time, all the time. if you missed Earth Hour, do your own hour right now. it really doesn’t take much. don’t be sceptical. just remember that saving energy, like saving money, will ALWAYS be necessary. so don’t make excuses. turn off all switches and devices for an hour. you’ll be surprised how peaceful it can be.

watch your consumption. don’t waste. be responsible. recycling will only take 5 minutes from your day and another 20 at the end of the month when you’re putting everything together. DO IT.

truth nugget #21 (Earth Hour)

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