truth nugget #23

I’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks. this Truthsayer has been fighting a first world war with a phone and a cloud and (my best friend would say my mercury was in retrograde, because) just when I needed it, my external memory bank was lost to me as well.

but because of that, I’ve also had a week or so of minimum technological and digital contact. and a week of going through what we now call “data” which for people like me, translates into my treasured memories, ideas, and references. I spent the last week reliving certain periods of my life with old friends, family members who have passed on, a state of mind from a different time, music that brought back colours and smells. I was also uncharacteristically productive because I wasn’t vegging out in front of Facebook all day. I actually got things done.

I’ve been saying this for a while to anyone who’ll listen, but I think it’s even more important now as I see younger people growing up. technology connects us but controls us. it gives us countless options for backup except to rely on our natural backups: our heads and our hearts. if we have knowledge at our fingertips, why should we ever use our brains? if we have music in a click, why should we ever use our ears? if we can use our fingers to speak, why should we need to use our mouths?

I think if we don’t look at our Facebook or YouTube pages for at least one whole day out of a week, we’d feel lighter and less anxious about how we live and what we display and about the lives of others. I think if we listen to one new, full music album a week, it would serve our souls better than anything else. I think if we make one personal coffee date with a family member or friend every week, life would feel a little fuller. this is hardly the most profound thing I’ve ever thought and yet I don’t know why more people don’t think it too.

I’m happy my mercury was in retrograde for a while. no white noise, only sweet music. everything is personal when technology fails.

truth nugget #23

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