truth nugget #26

yes, many people are being killed everyday in Pakistan and Afghanistan. that doesn’t mean that the lives lost in Boston are any less valuable. yes, America tends to blow things out of proportion. that doesn’t mean the families of those lost and injured aren’t just as deep in their mourning or just as scared.

but what bugs me MOST about this whole incident is what they did after, shoving the coverage of the “manhunt” for a 19-year old boy, down the throats of viewers around the world. I understand that the disturbed boy was a danger to himself and others, and it would’ve been wise to warn the people of Boston that he was not yet in custody. but was a play-by-play rundown of the manhunt necessary?

from the little I could bear to watch, the international, supposedly renowned news channels made themselves look like tabloids, nothing better than harassing paparazzi snoops, looking for the juiciest angle of the story. I remember the coverage after 9/11. that was bad enough. it’s just gotten worse. I understand a country is in mourning and feels like justice needs to be served. but coverage like that almost demeans that, and yes, it DOES also demean the pain of people who go through bombings and senseless killings every single day.

CNN, BBC, FOX News (but I suppose this is regular news programming for you), the Truthsayer calls you out for being crude and tasteless and for not addressing the real issues. you lost my respect a while ago. now you’ve lost even my derision.

[my sincerest condolences go out to the people of Boston for their loss, and my strength goes out to each and every one of them to get through this time.]

truth nugget #26

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