truth nugget #31

I just watched the documentary on the important Chinese artist, ‘Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry’. one of the interviewees, a cultural blogger, said, “among all the Chinese artists I know, he’s probably the only one who, deep down, really cares about this country and what happens to it.”

this, is the essence of national activism. governments always demonise the activist as someone who is out to destroy the foundation of a country. the truth is that the activist/artist loves his/her country more than those paper-pushers do. why else would they stay and fight? why else would they put themselves in danger with the things they say or do? they want to see a change in the place they call their home. they want to see the right things done. they want their fellowmen to be recognised in life and death, as people who shared and belonged to the same soil. 

he was told that he was fearless and he said, “on the contrary, I am the most fearful because I recognise the danger. but if no one is doing anything about it, how can I not?”

follow this story on Twitter: @aiww and @AWWNeverSorry and watch the documentary when you get a chance. 

truth nugget #31

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