truth nugget #32


I’m not a food blogger but hear the truth: Bakerzin is a bloody farce. I paid SGD$11.50++ for a Waldorf Salad that contained approximately 2 and a half apples, 8 slivers of celery slightly bigger than my fingernails, 3 halves of cherry tomato, 6 tiny cranberries and 5 pathetic walnut crumbs. it was the most expensive salad on the menu. apart from that, I wouldn’t trust what’s in the hot chocolate either because it costs as much as fresh milk (SGD$5.50). steamed milk goes for a steal then at SGD$4.90. that’s daylight robbery and the Truthsayer does NOT appreciate being cheated.

just as Eve’s eyes were opened after she ate the apple, mine grew larger and larger as I realised the truth: that it was pretty much the only ingredient in my bowl.

how do you like them apples??


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