truth nugget #36


say what you want about the man, Lee Kuan Yew is unapologetically himself. he is not someone who gets his way because he is spoilt; he gets his way because he is crafty. he does not mince his words and he has the foresight of some sort of self-serving prophet. he loves his country and has done everything he has done in the name of loving it; although many Singaporeans don’t adhere to the same definition of love as he does. he has survived many things and turned 90 on the 16th of September, in the year 2013. I salute him for his life and for his vision and even though Singapore is changing and moving and possibly out of his grasp, I acknowledge his ethos of perseverance and consistency.

happy 90th birthday Lee Kuan Yew. thank you for all the things you’ve done and all the things you’ve taught me not to do.

truth nugget #36

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