truth nugget #70

there are not enough words to describe the failure of “the system” all over our world; the hatred and fear that has led to human beings showing the ugliest side of our nature. it’s only when we realise that we are ALL being played – the black men AND the cops, the “Leaves” AND the “Remains”, the corporates AND the creatives – that we can get to the actual perpetrators: the ones who have built the machinery that runs on us always believing one group of us is more entitled than the other, has more value than the other, which leads to us wanting to cancel each other out because someone must win. someone must survive. 

this sounds like a conspiracy theory, and maybe it is. but I see the system thriving on using our differences to inspire our terror of and against each other, and we need to wake up to this grind and stop serving a system that long ago stopped serving us. 

truth nugget #70

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