truth nugget #73

here’s the thing people don’t understand about insomnia – it is VERY traumatising. when you’re going through a bout and after a few nights you’re AFRAID to get into bed because you don’t want to deal with the sleeplessness; when you’ve been tossing for 3 hours and you’re doing all you can to think about everything EXCEPT sleep, because people say don’t think about it, just let your mind wander; when your eyes burn because you’ve been clenching them shut, because what they really want to do is fly open; when your face aches from subconsciously frowning for hours in bed and when your body cramps up from lack of rest. some nights you give up and get out of bed and ride it for a few days, some nights you pop a pill. some nights you cry into your pillow because the frustration is so deep it’s all you can do and some nights you’re so hysterical you can’t help but laugh at yourself. 

I’ve been there, I’m there tonight, I have been this whole week. 

to my fellow insomniacs, I hope the attack doesn’t last long, and more than that, I hope we get to the truth of what is causing our minds to play havoc with our sleep. goodnight and good luck. 

truth nugget #73

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