truth nugget #78

JAZZ is not exclusive.
JAZZ is not elite.
JAZZ does not have to be erudite.
JAZZ is for the body and soul.
JAZZ is music that lifts and breaks chains,
opens the mind and says, thou SHALL.
JAZZ is night and day,
thunder and silence.
JAZZ is now and then,
lush with history and full of promise.
JAZZ is a Meshuggah drum solo
and a funk guitar riff,
a Dilla beat and a
boogie bass line.
JAZZ is all or nothing at all.

truth nugget #78

truth nugget #38

it’s not often you come across a musician who is somehow able to influence the classically-trained and the untrained, the poetic and the sober, the hiphoppers and the grungiest cats, even the spiffy know-it-alls and the ones who can’t claim to know anything.

John Coltrane was born the day after the autumn equinox, the day when the nights officially start to get longer. it’s not a coincidence. he brought with him the deep, deep night.

happy birthday, Trane.