truth nugget #46

I’ve had trouble with the notion of “identity” for a long time. as a music artist, I’ve been told by peers and industry people that I need to define myself so that others can relate to that definition of me. I’ve also been told that being multi-faceted is obviously great, but in the eyes of the media, it’s good to have one defining thing that makes up my “identity”. so for a long time I thought I had to be some”thing” that needed someone else’s approval.

who am I? who are any of us? we’re all messes of elements and experiences thrown together from the time we were conceived to the first time we could receive love to the first time we could be damaged by it and then to the first time we could actually understand what that meant.

my name is Michaela. I make music with my voice and my fingers and my heart. I’m a crazy cat lady. I loved till it hurt me and then I learnt that actual love doesn’t hurt, so I adjusted the way I understood love. I accepted my life for what it was until I learnt that only I could make my life what it is and can be, so I work for the life I want everyday. I see things for what they are and I am honest and raw when I interpret them into my work. I am open and I give people a chance, so people think I’m sweet until they learn that I don’t let anyone get away with acting like an asshole, so the ones who can take that stay, and the ones who can’t, walk away. I detest injustice and animal cruelty makes me livid, so I stand against it.

why should anyone care who I am? because my art will make you think, because my message is important, because I TELL THE TRUTH. and there isn’t much of that going on in our everyday. THIS is my identity, industry. I am defiantly multi-faceted and uncomfortably honest. and you can suck it if you think I am going to be anything else for you.

to my readers: who are you? and why should anyone give a shit about it?

decide why and be bold and the best of who you can be and eventually, it won’t even matter if anyone cares. because you will know who you are, and you will live it and love it.

truth nugget #46