truth nugget #76

it’s Women’s Day. the word feminist has become such a dirty word to most people but here’s what I think it means. I’m a feminist so I believe in equality for all genders, colours, and tribes. I believe that feminism is about my right to choose – what I want to do with my life, who I want to do it with, what I want to put on my body, who I choose to show it to, how vocal I want to be, and how loud or how soft I want it to be. my mind is my own, my body is my own and that means no one gets to tell me that what I’ve chosen is right, wrong, smart, stupid, strong, weak, modest or downright seductive. I believe being a fierce, bold woman means that I make my mistakes and own up to them, give due to the people who deserve it, never be too proud to accept counsel, and always hold myself up to my own ideals of gender and feminism. I am the only one who has a say in my life. here’s to all the women who taught me these things along the way and who made my proud to be a representative of my sex. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! ♥️

truth nugget #76

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